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Heli-ski helicopter flights can affect the health and sustainability of mountain goat herds. The following heli-ski companies have qualified for our Certificate of Performance. These companies manage their helicopter flights to minimize disturbance and displacement of mountain goats in their tenure areas. Our Certificate of Performance is your assurance of responsible heli-skiing. Approved companies will display one of two available certification logos on their web site and literature.

Certified until
Certificate number
Company name April 15, 2021 # 2001


If the name of your heli-ski provider is not listed, that company is not currently certified.

Certification Logo version 1version 1 or

Certification Logo version 2 version 2

Skiers - Did you know?

Mountain goats are common in the mountains of British Columbia where heli-skiing companies operate. The goats stay in winter habitat that varies from tidewater on the coast to wind-blown alpine ridges in the BC interior. The goats' winter habitat is very small in area, often less than 25 hectares. The goat herds are very loyal to their winter home. They will return to the same ridge year after year.

Mountain goats react strongly to helicopters. Goats will panic if a helicopter passes too close. They never habituate to the sound and sight of helicopters. Stress hormones can build in the goats, lower the immune system and negatively affect pregnancies. Helicopters must stay away from mountain goats to keep the herds healthy. Current recommendations are 500 m vertical separation and 1500 to 2000 m horizontal separation from mountain goats depending on helicopter type and flight path frequency.

Companies approved for our Certificate of Performance plan your heli-ski flights to avoid disturbing mountain goats. The winter homes of local mountain goat herds are recorded on maps. Your helicopter pilot avoids mountain goat home/winter ranges and records every flight via GPS tracking. We review all the GPS tracks from the ski season to monitor the effect of the flights on the mountain goat herds. Our Certificate of Performance is your assurance of responsible heli-skiing.

Heli-ski operators

Would you like to join the industry leaders who are actively protecting mountain goat herds? Contact our society at for more information about certification.




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