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Dispersal Calculator

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This form is to calculate the relative difficulty of travelling from one mountain to another. You will be able to print the result on the next page. Compare that result with other results to see how dispersal paths compare.

Use whole numbers only please

Obstacle Name Obstacle Description Points/Obstacle Number of Obstacles

Distance (km)

Horizontal distance from near edge of alpine to near edge of alpine in kilometers 4  
Change in Elevation (m) From edge of alpine down to lowest elevation on path in meters .1  
Roads, gravel Number of gravel roads crossed 3  
Roads, 2 lane paved Number of 2 lane paved roads crossed 5  
Roads, 4 lane paved Number of 4 lane paved roads crossed 10  
Logged clear cuts Number of clear cuts >5 hectares 10  
Fences, barbed wire Number of farm barbed wire fences 5  
Fences, hog wire Number of fences with no opening at bottom and <1.25 m height (sheep/hog fence) 10  
Fences, >2 m high, chain link or wood Number of chain link or wood fences >2m high 100  
Fences, log or lumber Number of wood fences <1.25 m high 10  
Farm fields Number of open farm fields >2 hectares 3  
Small river, large creek Number of creeks >10 m, <20 m wide 2  
Medium rivers Number of rivers >20 m, <40 m wide 12  
Large rivers/lakes Number of rivers/lakes >40 m, < 1 km wide 30  
Rivers with vertical canyon walls Number of rivers with vertical canyon walls >5 m tall 50  
Very large lakes/rivers Number of lakes/rivers >1 km wide (drown danger) 130  
Railroad tracks Number of railroad right-of-ways 3  
Industrial sites Number of large industrial sites such as sawmills, factories 30  
Residences, rural Number of rural residences in path 5  
Residences, suburban Number of suburban residences in path 10  
City centre submit 1 point for dense city area 1 point = 50  

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